Toastmasters Speeches

  • Precious Moments 4 Mar 2009 - The little brown Mitsubishi Lancer trembled. In the back seat, with mixed fear and excitement, we children trembled just 1 m away, through the rear window, a strip of rubber dangled from the boot. The lion spotted it, tore it … Continue reading
  • Each Day Brings Its Own Gift 3 May 2008 - Ahhh… Mail from home!   **Postcard 1**   Dear David   Given my interest in when you succumb to the water isn’t it cheating on your part to use puritabs etc etc?  Go on – play fair.  Try every source … Continue reading
  • Indian Phenomena 17 Sep 2007 - From the moment you step off the plane, it’s an assault on the senses Crimson, emerald saris on the women. A saffron robed monk Painted elephants Tropical fruit, bright as Christmas tree balls.   And the smells: incense wafting from … Continue reading
  • The Great Soul 5 Mar 2007 - 1869, northwest India. A boy is born. A timid and fearful child: at night, scared of ghosts coming from one direction, thieves from another and snakes from a third!   At school, a mediocre student So shy, he’d run straight … Continue reading
  • The Courage to Change 3 Apr 2006 - What is the biggest fear you have overcome? What is your bravest deed?   Fellow toastmasters, as I was thinking what I should do for the speech, I’ve browsed my toastmasters’ magazines I spotted “the ToastMaster Vision”:   “Toastmasters International … Continue reading
  • Biking out of the Box 16 Mar 2006 - The bus!  Wait! Stop! Typical!  The one day I’m late, the bus comes on time… Fellow toastmasters, honourable judges,   Those of you who catch the bus will know that our Auckland service is not impeccably reliable.  The buses run … Continue reading
  • Biblioholism: Battle of the Books 12 Jul 2004 - I’m David Titheridge, and I am a biblioholic.   In the words of Alcoholics Anonymous, I am powerless over books. Only a force greater than myself can restore me to sanity.   What has brought me to this insight? I … Continue reading
  • IceBreaker: Mystery Sleuthing 24 Nov 2003 - Introduction 1980 Bixby Primary School held a Read-a-thon to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis. So at 6 years old, I signed up all my friends:                 10c, 20c, or even – from the rich – 50c per book. I went … Continue reading