Top Books 2006

A rich reading year, venturing into non-Western classics, & also a privileged peek at the late E. M. Blaiklock’s library.

Foundational classics – centuries BC, yet shaped whole cultures

Plato, Republic,
–– Symposium,
–– Last Days of Socrates

Confucius, Analects;
–– Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching;
–– Chuang Tzu

–– Upanishads

Non-fiction ­– thought-provoking spirituality & philosophy

Armstrong, Karen, Buddha, 2001

Pirsig, Robert, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, 1974

Reps, Paul, Zen Flesh, Zen Bones, 1957

Russell, Bertrand, History of Western Philosophy, 1946

Shah, Idries, The Way of the Sufi, 1968

Fiction – well written reads, often overlapping with the above

Borges, Jorge Luis, Labyrinths: Selected Stories, 1962

Chesterton, G. K., The Man who was Thursday: a Nightmare, 1908

Conrad, Joseph, Typhoon, 1903

Eco, Umberto, The Island of the Day Before, 1994

Hesse, Hermann, Siddhartha, 1922

Kipling, Rudyard, Kim, 1901

Lawrence, D. H., Sons and Lovers, 1913

Turgenev, Ivan, Fathers and Sons, 1862